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I, myself own the 2 NES Games for the Famicom. I have downloaded.Nesticle for the emulator to play the games.
Theses are the buttons to play the game.
 Nes           Nesticle
Start          -  Enter
Select          -  Tab
Button  A       - Alt
Button  B      - Ctrl
Begin the game press Enter here.
Press Select or Tab, NOTICE the cloud. You can enter Password.
Enter Password here.
Press Select or Tab two times, Vs battle. NOTICE the cloud.
You enter vs battle. You need to put in 2 passwords. What you enter will reflect in the Cosmos and Damage and etc. Play with the Passwords you get in the game(Experiment with it).
In order to do this, you need to redefine the second controller:
1)Press Space to get the Nesticle Menu.
2)Redefine Input                                    
3)Device 2                                            
4)Keyboard 2                                       
5)Redefine Keys                                   
6)Click on the keys you want to change 
and close all the windows.
If you done the it corretly, you will get to here. Player 1 will be Bronze Pegasus. Player 2 will be Black Pegasus. You will enter the fight, instead of fighting the computer. You will be fighting each other. Keep in mind if you enter the same passwords, you will be fighting each other with the same data. It will be like fighting yourself and if you go full force on both sides, no one will get hurt.
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Page created October 3, 1997