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After you pressed Enter or Start you will see the following screen. All you do here is to enter your birthday. Any valid birthday will do. I entered Shiryu's. It tells me he is Libra Zodiac.
This is the first thing you see after you finished the birthday part. Seiya is about to fight Master Marin.Cosmo means how much energy you can use to fight.
Damage is really your life, 0 means dead.EX is experience, I will explain later on.
Pressing Select or Tab will bring you here. 
This is the place where you work around the game
The selections are: Cloth Datasheet  Where to Go  Password
Cloth- is where you activate to put on cloth or take off cloth
Datasheet - I will explain later
Where to Go - if it offers you selections, you can go to the place of destination.
Password - a password that will bring back to your last position
This is your datasheet. The place to mess around with you data. 
Apow to Hpow will determine how much cosmos you will use and the magnitude of the attack. JP is jump power.
The numbers you see, the bigger the numbers the more powerful you get. You increase them by getting experience EX. (i.e. increase JP, you jump higher)
This is the screen you see when you fight.
The selections are: Fight   GiveUp  Talk   Change Persons
Fight - do stuff to fight
GiveUp- this means to not fight the current opponent if the game allows you to.
Talk - talk with your opponent, sometimes talking can lead to extra cosmos(experiment)
Change persons - if there are other people  to use, you can choose to use them(Of course, Shiryu and friends)  The game will provide the list accordingly.
In order to sucessfully fight you need to power up. 
NOTICE the diamond. Pressing   --> right arrow will powerup and it will become red. Make it all red.
You can choose the way to attack Punch or Kick.
If you use other people, the selection will mean different things(Experiment).
If you turn all red, Punch will mean (interestingly) Pegasus Suisei Ken not Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken!
After you press fight. You press Tab or Select to get you opponents information. NOTE: Doing this will take away cosmos.
When your opponent attacks, you can choose from the left choice, to protect yourself or the right choice, dodge.
I have defeated Marin.
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Page created October 3, 1997