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After you defeat Jamian, go see Saori at her house.
After you talk with Saori. Aiolia has come to kick your ass!
After you  defeated Aiolia, it's time to go Sanctuary.
Kick Shaina's ass.
After you defeated Shaina, go up and find Marin's house.
Go in and near bookshelve.
Go out and kick Cassios's ass again.
Go right and you will come here. You can go in the openings or caves around Sanctuary. All you find is Athena Statue to add more cosmos. You don't have to do it.
Go up and fight with Misty again.
Fight Babel again. 
Fight Moses
After you defeat the above Silver Saints, go find Docrates at the right up corner and defeat him yet again.
After you finally killed Docrates, go to left down, find Asterion and kick his ass.
After you defeated Asterion go find Marin, and you can get Athena's Shield.
Athena's shield has not much use. You can get it or not.
After you talk with Marin and get shield or not, you find Argor. He is the most powerful Silver Saint(in the game anyway).
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