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12 Temples
After you defeat Argor, you can now enter 12 Temples.
Fight with Aldebaran.
Fight with Gemini Cloth.
Fight with DeathMask
Fight with Milo
Shaka, be ready to get your ass kicked!!!
Fight Gemini Cloth again!
Go in, this is Pope's Place. For the PC version, if you can't go in for any reason just purposely die (damage =0) fall off the cliff at the right and die. Once you get back in, you will be in Pope's Place..
Go right and see this.
Jump real high and you will see the Pope.
This is the Pope?
Gold Seiya to kick the Pope's ass
GO! Seiya! GO!
This is the Pope?
Bye bye Pope...
What is that?
Go left and go near Athena. Game Done!
You will see the ending and then this. This is the password to continue to keep the same numbers of Cosmos and Damage and etc. Putting this password will make the game start at the beginning but your Cosmos and damage and etc. will pick up where you left off at the ending.
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Page created October 3, 1997